GATE International

Examination Centre
GATE 2020 Examination will be conducted in the following cities:
Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Dhaka (Bangladesh), Dubai (UAE), Kathmandu (Nepal), Singapore.

Eligibility Criteria:
  1. Must have completed or are in the final year of their Bachelor’s degree (duration: at least 04 years) in Engineering / Technology.
  2. or
  3. Must have completed or are in the final year of their Post Graduate (Master’s) degree (duration: at least 02 years) in any relevant science subject.

Eligibility Document:
  1. If a candidate has already passed (in 2019 or earlier) one of the qualifying examinations mentioned above, he/she has to submit (i.e. upload) the degree certificate / provisional certificate / course completion certificate issued by the institute.
  2. If the candidate is in the final year of any of the qualifying examinations mentioned above, he/she has to upload a Certificate from the Head of the Department / Institute (in the format given in Appendix A).

Application Procedure:
Application for GATE 2020 shall be submitted ONLINE (through GOAPS website by paying necessary application fee. For GATE 2020, all information related to the candidates will be available in the GOAPS website. The photograph, signature and certificate of qualifying degree must be uploaded during the online application. Candidates shall be required to enter the specified number in their identification card of any one of Passport / Government issued ID / College ID / Employee ID.

Please note that the GATE application form is not available for sale or otherwise anywhere.

The candidates opting for international examination centres will be contacted only through their e-mail. However, mobile nos. may be used only when the GATE 2020 Organizing Institute intends to communicate an important information to them.

Identity Proof:
For Foreign Nationals, a valid Passport / Government issued ID / College ID / Employee ID will be accepted as the recognized identification document. Candidate has to specify ANY ONE of the above mentioned documents during the online application process and enter the ID number specified over there. On the Examination day, candidate MUST bring the SAME identification document along with the GATE 2020 Admit Card.

Application Fees (For candidates at International Centres):

Examination Centres On or before 24th Sept.2019 During the Extended Period
Addis Ababa, Colombo, Dhaka and Kathmandu US$50 US$70
Dubai and Singapore US$100 US$120

Examination Session Timings:

The examination timing (Tentatively) at GATE International centres is as per their local time, which is given below.

City (Country) Exam Time (Forenoon Session) Exam Time (Afternoon Session)
Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) 07:00 to 10:00 Hours 12:00 to 15.00 Hours
Colombo (Sri Lanka) 09:30 to 12:30 Hours 14:30 to 17:30 Hours
Dhaka (Bangladesh) 10:00 to 13:00 Hours 15:00 to 18:00 Hours
Dubai (UAE) 08:00 to 11:00 Hours 13:00 to 16:00 Hours
Kathmandu (Nepal) 09:45 to 12:45 Hours 14:45 to 17:45 Hours
Singapore 12:00 to 15:00 Hours 17:00 to 20:00 Hours